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New Profile Posts

  1. TheHiddenSnake
    PC, where is the web shop
    1. pchard
      Oct 15, 2016
  2. GmFinestNikki
    Hey pchard I would submit a ticket for a ban appeal however you blocked me from the site so ill ask here. Can you unban me please
    1. pchard
      Oct 9, 2016
  3. ElliotGreg
    ElliotGreg pchard
    can i be unbanned, i wont restart again, this server was the funniest server that i played this summer
  4. Tevez
    Tevez pchard
    Can u accept my application
  5. Tevez
  6. Xx_KingSlayer_xX
    Xx_KingSlayer_xX pchard
    Hi I got banned for asking people for stuff and I'm and sorry I was annoying plz unban me I want to do dinos so bad because ive been watching youtubers play it
  7. iDonutMania
    iDonutMania QueenKami
    i need code really badly
  8. iDonutMania
    iDonutMania QueenKami

    help me i cant join atlauncher modpack
  9. iDonutMania
  10. iDonutMania
    anyone tell me
  11. iDonutMania
    Idn know the code :(
  12. dionexdemon2000
    dionexdemon2000 pchard
    If I can tell me can I applie to be in the staff
  13. Marcustg
    hello my name is marcus and i am 11 years old
  14. ANZAC
    Coffee makes the world go round!!!!!!
    1. pchard likes this.
  15. Nara_Apricots
    Embarassed right now. ><
    1. pchard likes this.
  16. Jay_DoesGaming
    but the mods might work on normal mc launcher :)
  17. Jay_DoesGaming
    Modpack not working on at or technic for me and my claim will be deleated
  18. victor
    i canshed my avatar
  19. iamdisaster
    Haven't been on the server since the modpack won't launch :S
  20. vally7