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Making New Modpack

Discussion in 'News' started by pchard, Aug 4, 2016.

By pchard on Aug 4, 2016 at 12:09 AM
  1. pchard

    pchard Owner Staff Member Owner

    Minecraft account: PCTheWolf
    Blog Entries:

    I'm currently in the process of making a new modpack and I need input.

    Please, suggest mods and why below.
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Discussion in 'News' started by pchard, Aug 4, 2016.

    1. Saphire45
      You and Blue both did excellent work on the other two modpacks, I love the mods that are in them, so I thought i would suggest mods that are not in those two that i like.

      Plant mega Pack....... Cause Plants. I love the different variety you get and how you are able to decorate with it.

      Better Foilage......... for the way it makes the plants and trees look.

      DaVincing.......... I like this one for the way you are able to make a ton a different things with it. from statues to custom light fixtures, to what ever you can imagine.

      Rockhounding........ for all the different stones it adds that you can make into blocks or jewelry.

      Little Maid Mob........Come on its a little maid that follows you around picks up things and places torches.

      For Animal mods i like the following
      DrZharks Mo Creatures
      Butterfly Mania
      Exotic Birds
      Mo chickens..... adds different chickens that lay different things from diamonds to blaze powder.
      Spicken.... add a half chicken, half squid, other that being cute it lays ink.

      Multi page chest.... adds a chest that has 5 different pages in it.

      Doggy Talents....... adds different traits you can teach you dog.(wolf)

      Biomes o plenty........ for all the different biomes and plants it offers.

      I like all the food mods you already have the ones i like in both servers, all the pams, cooking for block heads, Lots of food, the others i like are Apple milk tea and maple tree, maple tree also adds momiji who help you farm and are cute.

      For water or ocean mods i like Mariculture and Oceancraft.

      ok theres probably more....lol..... but these are just the ones off hand that I like. Without knowing what kind of modpack you are going for i wasn't sure what to suggest.

      Hope this helps some. Cant wait to see the new modpack and try it out.

    2. Eeveereest
      How about the Tardis Mod - It adds a TARDIS (Time And Relitive Dimension in Space)(Bigger on the Inside), It is player transport, it adds a dimension like Randomthings's Spectre world, and customizable interiors, you will get what I mean if you check it out. (It is on CurseForge, where I get my mods)
      I hope it also gets An Official server like your other nice packs.
    3. zcubeDbz
      I recommend ore spawn: It makes the game much more challenging and fun. mystic ores: very useful. Custom pets: rarely seen on mod packs and is an awesome mod. power gems: adds rare gems that are very useful. superheros unlimited/project superhuman: adds superheros and villain suit that are very difficult to get. lucky block: ;) These give the chance of reward or severe punishment... thaumcraft: one of the best mods in minecraft (my opinion). and galacticraft: a somewhat simple and fun mod.

      I hope you will consider adding these mods to your new mod pack. Thank you for you time.
    4. iDonutMania
      Add DIno mod again its a great mod
    5. Eeveereest
      I soppose that you could do a PERFECT mix of magic and tech. That would be nice.
      Also please make it based around exploration like have the Tardis as your base.
      More mod suggestions
      Project red - adds world gen, and helps with adding restore circuit things
      Build craft - adds robots, pipes, a quarry
      Quarry plus - using a ton of resources can make your quarry OP and adds other machines like the breaker plus. Use all your silk touched ores and Fortune 3 them.
      Please add a un duping block placer that is red stone operated
      So I can make a fortune machine
      Last edited: Aug 14, 2016
    6. Eeveereest
      Forestry: adds many new tree types, adds bees, adds butterflies, and all come with a refreshing breeding system. Also a tech mod

      Gendustry: makes the breeding system less intense, and can mess with the genetics of the bees and trees

      Binnie's mods:the five below (package of mods)
      Extra bees - adds more bees
      Extra trees - adds more trees
      Botany - like the forestry bees, but adds more flowers (can use vanilla flowers), and every flower can be customized to have one of 80 i think stems and such, keeping the bud's color the same - extremely customizable flowers
      Genetics - like gendustry, but little more intensive and and can work with botany
      Binnie core - library for the other four mods and adds compartments

      Binnie patcher - mod made by someone else to remove the bugs from binnies mods and to "keep it up to date". Also to make it compatible with forestry four (need it for binnies

      Magic bees - a bit like magical crops but less op, more difficult, and much less straightforward, also assists in Ars magica 2, thaumcraft, tinkers, thermal, maybee ae2 and botania
    7. Scrambleking
      Thanks for creating such a great pack so far!
      Here are my mod recomendations, for all suggestions, as I dont expect that many to be in, they are just good things I found worked well


      Ars Magica 2
      Another One Bites the Dust (and AOBTD berry bushes)
      Matter Overdrive
      Hardcore EnderExpansion
      Morpheus (vote for sleeping mod)
      Nether Ores
      Green Thumb
      Just Advanced Mod Interaction
      Quantom Energy
      Crafting Arcanum (1 and/or 2)


      Immersive Engineering
      Immersive Intergration
      Industrial Wires (with IC2)


      Thaumcraft (addons)
      forbidden magic
      Thaumic Tinkerer (with Kami enabled(Please this one))
      Witching Gadgets
      Magic Bees
      Arcane Engineering (works with immersive engineering)
      Tainted Magic
      Tecknomancy (also blood, botania, and power tie ins)
      Magia Naturalis
      Thaumic Bases
      Schools Of magic

      Nei pluggin
      Node Tracker


      Advanced Generators
      Compact Solars/Advanced Solar Pannels
      Advanced Machines
      Electro-Magic tools (works with thaum)


      blood baubles
      I'm looking at blood (waila addon)


      Natural Pledge
      Botanic Energistics (with AE2)

      also If you cant tell, I love add ons, and cross mod compatibility... alot...

      Thanks for paying attention to your community
      Last edited: Oct 31, 2016
    8. Scrambleking
      Also SILLYBOYGAMER's requests

      *That super hero armor mod
      *draconic evolution (this is broken in the over powerd kind of way)
      *reactor craft
      *applied energistics 2
      *Jurassic craft

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